Feb 25

Safer Internet Day @ Ysgol y Preseli, Pembrokeshire! (by Hannah)

On the 12th of February it was Safer Internet Day and we, as Digital Leaders, presented assemblies to our whole school about this ( that’s approximately 1000 pupils from yr 7 to yr 13!). The assemblies were presented by Harry, Callum, Max, Grace and I, whilst Sam controlled the digital presentation that had been created.

The key message of our assembly was to enjoy using the internet but to keep safe, and to remember that “Digital Dirt Sticks” i.e. that anything and everything you do online can leave a digital footprint.

Our best tips were to check your settings and to think about your career. For the students who didn’t know how to change their settings we provided ‘clinics’ at lunchtimes where the leaders helped students to check and modify their settings e.g. for Facebook and Twitter.

A blog was also set up by Mrs Serena Davies so that pupils (and teachers!) could access help about changing settings from home. Please have a look here – there have been over 600 page views to date! Below is the presentation that we showed during our assembly (and you can view the video here).

In my opinion the assemblies went really well, and even though we were nervous I think we pulled it off effectively! I hope it helped the students because it was a pleasure to present for them! Remember to follow us on Twitter @adpreseli and to visit our Digital Leader blog here!

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