Nov 28

Skype Assembly @RRIS

Following our 3 previous Skype chats with other Digital Leaders around the country, we thought we would share what we had learnt about Skype with the rest of the school.  We told the children what Skype was and asked for suggestions of who we would like to Skype in the future.  Lots of people suggested friends and relatives, someone suggested an explorer and the Queen – we even thought of Skypeing Santa (but we thought he might be a bit busy at the moment!)  To show everyone how Skype worked, 2 children in each assembly went off to another part of the school and reappeared on screen in another place completely!  In our first assembly the children had gone to Australia, where we found out it was very hot and sunny and they had seen lots of scorpions!  In our second assembly the children had gone to Buckingham Palace and met the Queen and seen some soldiers on guard outside.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and said they couldn’t wait to see where we went to next!  The Digital Leaders then showed the children how to log on and find the Christmas games on the VLE page, which will open on December 1st.

Writing down suggestions of who to Skype in the future

Writing down suggestions of who to Skype in the future

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