Apr 21

Skype Chat to Junior School @RRIS

It might seem like we have gone quiet on the blog for a while but we have been working away in the background on projects! (especially Rec Road Radio)

This week, following work done in each of our Year 2 classes, we had 3 Skype chats with Year 6 from our feeder junior school, Avenue Junior as they are making us films all about the transition from infant to junior school and wanted our help. We worked in our classrooms coming up with 120 questions we were desperate to know the answers to! All the Year 6 classes took it in turns to Skype with us and answered as many questions as possible. Everyone from both schools really enjoyed the experience and RRIS children said that the prospect of going to the junior school now didn’t seem as scary :) We are really looking forward to seeing the finished film and look forward to keeping the Skype chats going.

Questions to Avenue Junior School

Taking it in turns to ask questions during Skype chat

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