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Mar 19

Making Displays @RRIS

Following the assembly all about our Quadblog, the Digital Leaders asked all the classes if they had some questions about the focus school in Canada.  We then learnt how to write comments on a blog and typed up some of the facts using Textease and printed them out for the display in our hall.

Mar 10

Welcome to Quadblogging @RRIS

  We are very excited to announce that we are in a Quadblog with other schools from around the world!  This a project where 4 schools work together looking and commenting on each other’s blogs.  The schools in our Quadblog are: King’s Park Primary School in Edinburgh, Scotland Roydvale Primary School in Christchurch, New Zealand …

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Jul 31

Taxonomy of an iPad lesson

When people first hear about our BYOD scheme at Finham Park, they’re usually impressed with the potential, the enthusiasm of the students, and the number of clear advantages they can cite from the work we’ve done. But the devil is always in the detail, in working out how to incorporate the full potential of BYOD …

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Jul 31

Finham Park: The roots of our BYOD journey

Ever since I’ve been using BYOD in my lessons in school (I work in a secondary school in Coventry), I’ve also looked at a variety of other pedagogies which I think are particularly well served by it. One of these pedagogies is the idea of flipped learning, an idea which has been around for years, …

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May 28

How to hide the blogger navbar

Jack B, a digital leader from Greenfields Primary, has made this super tutorial about how to hide the navbar on a blog. A useful thing to know how to do. Thanks Jack!