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Aug 14

Designing badges for digital leaders: guest post by Lucy Neale

DigitalMe and SSAT are working with teachers and students across the country to design and develop a groundbreaking accreditation system for Digital Leaders – students who take a lead in the use and implementation of technology, both in school and in their community. We held a brilliant design day back in January, which allowed teachers, young people and industry to …

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Jul 22

An innovative team in Bradford

If you have seen me before at conferences and teachmeets evangelising the benefits of having digital leaders in school you will be fully aware of how I first became inspired to employ them in my school; Chris Mayoh has inspired many teachers, not just with his approach to employing digital leaders, but with his thoughts …

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Jan 18

What’s in a badge? A guest post by Bob Harrison

Bob has been involved with digital leaders for many years and has supported the DLN and what we are trying to achieve from the outset. His original post can be found here, but I wanted to make sure that our readers have access to it as badges are a hot topic of conversation at the …

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Jan 17

Open badges: A students views


There’s been lots of chatter on Twitter about badges, and quite a few posts here. However, everything has had one thing in common so far: Written by teachers. While one category of person’s perspective is great, two makes for double that. So here’s what I, and the other digital leaders from John Henry Newman Catholic …

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