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Nov 28

Making Posters @RRIS

This week the digital leaders used the images they had saved from Pixabay in the last lesson and put them into a poster using Textease.  This was the first time that they had to navigate through their files to find the images and add them to their work.  It took a little bit of practice …

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Nov 12

Using Pixabay @RRIS

This week the digital leaders have been learning the importance of using copyright and royalty free images in their work.  We learnt how to safe search and save images from Pixabay.  We will be using the images we have saved to make posters for our bedroom door.

Nov 16

Making Posters with Pixabay Images @RRIS


This week we have been using the Pixabay images we saved last week, to make posters for our bedrooms! We think they look brilliant and can’t wait to show our classes how to do it. Visit our blog here for more pictures

Oct 15

Searching, Saving and Using Images @RRIS

To make our work more interesting we always want to add a picture – but is it ok to use just any picture we find on google images? No, not really. So this week we learnt how to use Pixabay safely to search for royalty free pictures to use.  Our task was to make a poster …

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