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Oct 24

Our visit to the Apple Store


From Roydon Digital Leaders: http://roydondigileaders.blogspot.co.uk Yesterday we went to the apple store in Norwich. When we first got there we were given an Apple store T-shirt that was bright yellow. The app we used was called garage band and we used ear phones so our music could be heard. On Garage Band we played on lots of …

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Jul 09

The Interviews are Done @RRIS

Phew! What a big job to interview all 71 applicants! Some people were a little bit nervous (including me!) but everyone had a smile at the end.  The digital leaders all agreed that the final decisions were going to be really difficult as everyone was so keen.  All the applicants will now have a skills …

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Jul 17

Mini kidsmeet at Roydon

Roydon digital leaders welcomed Howard school to our mini kidsmeet on a very hot afternoon. Luckily we were able to use an air conditioned room for our meet, but Roydon DLs were unusually subdued. They shared some apps and had a go at livewriting, with other digital leaders from Brunswick House, Downlands School and Old …

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Jul 16

Digital leader kidsmeet

Roydon digital leaders are welcoming Howard Primary School digital leaders tomorrow for another mini kidsmeet. We will be chatting to Brunswick digital leaders via livewriting as well. Michelle Brayford and I would like to invite you along too! If you are free between 1.45 and 2.30pm on Wednesday 17th July, please do drop in and …

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Jun 24

Teaching peers to use Mozilla Thimble

  Today when I popped my head round the door of one of our 6/5 classes I got a lovely surprise. There at the front were three of my digital leaders, teaching their peers how to use Mozilla Thimble to create a website. I will share their thoughts on this – and their classmate’s – …

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Jun 18

Digital leader open event

Today we had some visiting teachers (and a headteacher) who were keen to find out about what digital leaders do in school. We showed them our ICT resources and explained about some of our favourite things to do. We also showed some of our ipad apps and the things that help us with our learning.

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