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Apr 21

Skype Chat to Junior School @RRIS

It might seem like we have gone quiet on the blog for a while but we have been working away in the background on projects! (especially Rec Road Radio) This week, following work done in each of our Year 2 classes, we had 3 Skype chats with Year 6 from our feeder junior school, Avenue …

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Jun 19

It’s The Big One! @RRIS

An exciting day as all 25 Digital Leaders held an assembly for the 4 Year 1 classes.  They talked about their favourite things they had done whilst being Digital Leaders and introduced the new 2014 application form which the Digital Leaders had written themselves.  We also gave some Year 1 children an ipad so they …

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May 15

Quadblog Skypeing @RRIS

This week is the turn of our Scottish friends in Dalkeith to be the focus blog, so we thought it would be really nice if we could meet with them using Skype.  We all thought of lots of questions to ask each other – we were most impressed to find that at their school they …

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Dec 16

We Skyped Santa @RRIS

Chaffinch Class have been taking part in The Great Sleigh Mystery helping Santa to find his sleigh and today we skyped Santa in assembly to let him know that the sleigh was in Germany! The Digital Leaders were really pleased to help out and photograph the assembly.

Nov 28

Skype Assembly @RRIS

Following our 3 previous Skype chats with other Digital Leaders around the country, we thought we would share what we had learnt about Skype with the rest of the school.  We told the children what Skype was and asked for suggestions of who we would like to Skype in the future.  Lots of people suggested …

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Nov 14

Skypeing Again @RRIS

We excitedly had our second try at skypeing (we all had our fingers crossed that it would work properly this time!)  and it did.  Four of the digital leaders had a chat with children in Dorset who were having a Kidsmeet.  We asked lots of questions about who they were and what they were learning …

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