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Feb 06

Microscope Quiz Assembly @RRIS

Using what they had learnt the Digital Leaders held an assembly showing how to use the digital microscopes.  This included a quiz to guess what mystery magnified items were!  Can you guess what they are?

Feb 05

Digital Microscope Fun @RRIS

The Digital Leaders had a lesson on how to use the digital microscopes ready for their assembly on Thursday.  Everyone was surprised what things looked like close up!  

Jul 31

Taxonomy of an iPad lesson

When people first hear about our BYOD scheme at Finham Park, they’re usually impressed with the potential, the enthusiasm of the students, and the number of clear advantages they can cite from the work we’ve done. But the devil is always in the detail, in working out how to incorporate the full potential of BYOD …

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Jan 24

Newbridge DLs kick things off with a staff meeting

 The Staff Meeting by Charlie and Raff  On Wednesday 16th January, there was a staff meeting that involved kids. Miss Malone started by introducing the Digital Leaders and their workshops. Then the teachers spread out to the various workshops such as KS2 maths (by Rafferty and Tommy) , Digital Storytelling (By Charlie .S), KS1 phonics (Charlie …

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Mar 15

Humberston Academy Guide to Edmodo

Hi all, I am launching Edmodo to staff and students and it is finally starting to show some strength and engaging students. Our Digital Leaders now have two elected ‘Edmodo Champions’ who will help staff and students with signing up and getting the best use of Edmodo. Below is their guide to students

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