Jul 31

Taxonomy of an iPad lesson

When people first hear about our BYOD scheme at Finham Park, they’re usually impressed with the potential, the enthusiasm of the students, and the number of clear advantages they can cite from the work we’ve done. But the devil is always in the detail, in working out how to incorporate the full potential of BYOD into planning for teaching and learning, so I decided to write a brief blog about my own experiences with iPads, and what has changed in my own classroom as a result of the scheme.

While everything I’ve blogged about refers directly to my own use of iPads, we have nevertheless been at pains to choose working methods which would be accessible to anyone running a BYOD scheme, as we made the decision early on that the school could not afford iPads for all stduents, and nor were we willing to force students and parents down the road of a solitary solution when clearly everyone has their own ideas about what works for them. What we explicitly DID intend was to provoke a conversation based on the advantages and disadvantages of certain devices within different subjects amongst the students, which we have managed to do with aplomb, and at times perhaps even zealots violence (Joking! Those Apple types are all nice kindly hippies anyway, no threat there).

I will blog more extensively about how we planned and are carrying out our BYOD roll-out at a later date, but for the moment, here is a taste of how it has changed learning in my classroom…

Taxonomy of learning using iPads

This is not the traditional use of ICT you are looking for…

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