Apr 05

Teaching 40 teachers and 500 pupils at Bowling Park

The Digital Leaders from Bowling Park Primary School, Bradford, have been extremely busy in the last few weeks. After a couple of weeks of planning they spent an hour after school running the staff meeting, introducing our new iPads to teachers. They didn’t help me run it, they ran it themselves.

Find out all about their incredible staff meeting here.

The following week, the Digital Leaders taught every pupil in KS1 and KS2 how to use the iPads. See below for a link to the blog posts with photos and information about each class’ iPad Launch:

1KN iPad Launch
1SG iPad Launch

2CR iPad Launch

2ER iPad Launch

2SK iPad Launch

3KS iPad Launch

3NL iPad Launch

3BW iPad Launch

4HW iPad Launch

4IA iPad Launch

4HK iPad Launch

5RW iPad Launch

5KM iPad Launch

5CG iPad Launch

6SB iPad Launch

6LC and 6SF iPad Launch

Why not leave a comment to add your thoughts about our iPad Launch?

Mr. Mayoh.


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  1. @SheliBB

    Goodness! All you Bowling Park digital leaders have been busy!

    You are showing exactly what digital leaders can do – lead innovations! I know that this will inspire the leaders at Roydon who are doing parent iPad workshops soon. Your work will inspire many other schools, teachers and digital leaders too. You should all feel very proud of yourselves Bowling Park digital leaders!

  2. @hezmar

    Wow! You’ve definitely been a very busy group of digital leaders. Your work with iPads sounds so exciting and it’s brilliant that you were able to share your skills with both teachers and pupils. I’m sure everyone is now very excited about using the iPads in school. I’m very impressed that you ran the staff meeting – I know some teachers who don’t like doing that! Keep up the great work and keep updating us on the blog.

    Miss Marshall

  3. M Anderson

    Wow! This is phenomenal work – you really are digital leaders. This is extremely exciting work. I’m really impressed that you ran the staff meeting and managed to do all of this training. Superb work. Keep it up and keep in touch with us on how you’re getting on via this blog. Can’t wait to find out what else you’ve been up to!

  4. Mr Mayoh

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. Our Digital Leaders are working exceptionally hard and we are very proud of them.

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