Apr 12

The digital leader Edmodo group

The Edmodo group is growing in numbers and there are currently 162 members – some from as far away as Brunei! Although some of the students were a little shy at first, they have slowly been sharing ideas and commenting on each other’s posts. I can see the potential for sharing, inspiring and collaborating in the same way that many of us do on twitter. There are some very keen students who drop in every day and new friendships are being built.

The group have been given a few assignments to do. One that was suggested by Tim Groves (@timsheringham) was to create a slideshow about where they live. Another current one is to help other teachers and students by filling in the google form (see below) to review an ipad app. The digital leaders have worked so hard that we have created badges to award them. These include more general ones that are easily achieved, to ones that Jenni (@JenniH68) made which encompass the leadership potential of the digital leaders and challenge them to achieve things.

With a growing community of co-teachers in the group too, moderation of posts and dishing out of badges becomes much easier. If you are interested in joining the group with your students, send me a DM @SheliBB or fill in the contact form here

Feel free to fill in the ipad form to help us too!

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