Oct 11

The Interviews @ RRIS

Phew! It has been such a busy week with an amazing 90 Digital Leader interviews taking place. Everyone was very excited and a little nervous (including me!) especially as there were only 24 Digital Leader positions available in the first instance.
As part of the process some Year 2 children were invited to join me on the interview panel to help with the selection and we found it very hard.  Here are some comments from the children about those being interviewed:

“I would choose him, he sounded like he knew a lot.”

“She was really excited about becoming a Digital Leader and I think she would concentrate.”

“He was very confident, I think he would be good.”

“He said lots of very interesting things.”

“She wasn’t nervous and was really keen to do it.”

“She said she was patient which was a good thing.”

Now all I have to do is make the final decisions – it is so hard with so many fantastic, keen children to choose from.  The Digital Leaders will be announced in assembly on Monday and those not appointed will be in the Digital Helpers Team, with an opportunity to become a Leader when they are ready.


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