Mar 14

The Norfolk ICT conference

We had a fantastic day at the conference! 


On Thursday some digital leaders went to the John Innes center in Norwich. We did a presentation about digital leaders at 12:00 and after that we held a workshop and helped other children with some apps on the ipad, Scratch,Edmodo and Mozilla Thimble. We  spoke about why we have digital leaders, what we do and how we can help other people. It was nerve racking as there was 50 people there.

The workshops were really fun. I was helping Mollie with Mozilla Thimble but it did not work so we worked on Edmodo. We also helped some other children with A.L.E.X and Caito’s Hike.


During the workshops loads of teachers came to ask us loads and loads of qustions about edmodo and how it would be used in their school . Some of the qustion were really hard but i hope i gave them all the infomation they needed.

By Molly and Lauren

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