Jun 30

My time as a Brunswick Digital Leader

I became a digital leader in Year 4 and was interviewed Ebony who was in Year 5. For my interview, I created a poster explaining what I had to offer the digital leader role. Also I demonstrated how to use Espresso and find particular resources. As I demonstrated Ebony made notes about how well I presented. Next thing I knew, I was employed as a digital leader. During my time as a digital leader, run several teacher training sessions showing the teachers how to use Windows Movie Maker, Apps on the iPad, Scratch, Programming resources, Animoto. I have also had the opportunity to represent the digital leaders at various conferences: Night zookeeper Kidsmeet at the Night zookeeper offices and at BETT13, Optimus Education Outstanding Computing and ICT Conference 2014 and Kent IT14 Conference. From my experiences, I have learned to believe in myself, be more confident and that I would love to become a teacher.

By Claudia Year 6

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