Jun 07

Tutorial – EducationCity.com – Eloise (Aged 7)

This video is from a Year 2 Digital Leader @POWfS
Video posted to the DLBlog by @Nelkcarps


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  1. @SheliBB

    This is absolutely fantastic Eloise! What a super digital leader you are! You have inspired me and I know that your tutorial will inspire others to learn about the comic maker – and to make their own tutorials. What a high standard you have set! Brilliant!

  2. Mrs Travers

    This is a wonderful tutorial video. It is very clear to anyone watching your video how to operate the comic maker.

    It looks like a really great activity to have a go at.

    Well done Eloise!

  3. Mrs Garton

    WOW Eloise! You have inspired me, I am going to look at this straight away and spread the news around my school.
    What an inspirational digital leader.

  4. Mr Mayoh

    Wowzer! What an incredibly confident demonstration of how to use Education City. Are you sure you’re not secretly a Year 6 in disguise…?

    Keep up the highly impressive work!

    Mr. Mayoh.

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