Oct 19

Unboxing Gifts @RRIS

All the Digital Leaders were very excited to take delivery of some packages and couldn’t wait to find out what was inside!  They certainly weren’t disappointed as we received some amazing things for our Beebots – mats, cards, jackets, reader and microscope!  We can’t wait to give them all a go after half term.  The children wanted to say a big thank you to TTS who gave us the things, after seeing last year’s Digital Leaders at BETT16 in London demonstrating Beebots on stage.

Hannah – Thank you very much for all the things

Lola – I love the town map, it looks so real

Mia – I like the little microscope and the Beebot jackets

Millie – Thank you for the things, they are awesome

Tilly – The big cards are brilliant for Reception, thank you

Alice – We really like all the things, thank you for sending them to us

Thank you TTS from RRIS

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