Dec 12

Update | Digital Leaders @ Clevedon

Phew – it’s been a rollercoaster ride so far this year. At Clevedon, Digital Leaders have been involved in all sorts of fantasticness. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to post about it sooner, but I hope to cover some of the things they’ve been up to in this post. Just sitting here reflecting now, it really does drive home to me how amazing a platform digital leadership is. The opportunities afforded to the amazing young people I work with every day as DLs and the hard work and dedication that they have shown is nothing short of phenomenal.

Where I work, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the roll out of iPads to students across the school this year and the DLs have been very excited about this. They’ve been pivotal in helping with a number of key issues. They’ve helped in:

  • training others
  • working with students
  • meeting with SLT to give views on AUP and digital citizenship

… and this support and help has been invaluable in helping us prepare for the launch last week where hundreds of students became proud owners of their own iPad. The role of the DLs in relation to their iPad training and support is going to increase massively in the coming months in their role of ‘geniuses’, supporting staff and students at breaks and lunches at their ‘genius’ bar.

Other things that have been fantastic for DLs at Clevedon have been the TeachMeet that took place back in October. Not only were the DLs from Year 8,9,10 and 12 instrumental in making the night a complete success, they spoke really well too. You can see them deliver their speech about Digital Leadership, why they do it and the Digital Leader Network here:

our Digital Leaders talked at an Apple Leadership Summit

I was also very proud when some of our Digital Leaders talked at an Apple Leadership Summit a few weeks ago. The two day event saw two of our Digital Leaders talking about the work they do. One of our DLs talked about an iPad app he has been developing for the school using xCode. It was a great moment when he was able to demonstrate that to the audience, showing something that looks so amazing and will be so useful in school.

Following that was a talk by another of our DLs where she spoke about the work done at the school by DLs related to iPads and learning. She also talked about some of our primary liaison work that we have been doing, visiting local primaries and supporting them with learning about iPads too (previously mentioned here: http://www.digitalleadernetwork.co.uk/?p=306 and in other posts by some of the DLs).

It amazes me that these young people, can stand up and talk so eloquently and passionately about their work. It just goes to show the power of what Digital Leadership can bring to young people. Often people think of Digital Leaders as being the geeks of the school. Not these students. The DL programme gives them lots of opportunities to hone their social and communication skills. So much more than just a club for students wanting to play games and program, these students help improve teaching & learning in the school and have a positive effect that reaches far beyond the walls of the school they attend.

We’ve also recently been taking inspiration from the likes of @gr8ICT and our primary colleagues who invest time in Edmodo. I have to say, we were a little late to the party in Edmodo, but we’re loving it now. It’s such a great place to share views, poll ideas and shape the work that is done.

DLs have also been working diligently on creating some new screencasts for some of the tools listed here: http://bit.ly/ICT4Learning which I’m looking forward to sharing with the world soon.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more involved in DLChat soon too and more of the sharing side of things. As you’ll all know, sometimes life (and work) can get in the way sometimes! Please as always though, if you have any questions on any topic related to ICT, iPads, technology and learning and of course DLs, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line on Twitter. I’ll be more than happy to respond.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to a well earned Christmas break. It’s our DL Xmas Party next Wednesday lunchtime and there’s definitely going to be some kicking back fun to be had! I’ve got a few nice surprises in store for them for their hard work, effort and dedication shown so far this year.

Vive la DL and the DLN!

Mark Anderson | @ICTEvangelist


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    I’m really impressed with the app thats your developing. It looks epic!

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