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#DLchat happens every week at 9pm-9.30pm on a Thursday, and conversations can continue later.  Teachers and digital leaders share their ideas and news, inspiring and helping others along the way. So that it becomes even more collaborative and thus sustainable, I would like to invite others to host sessions. This is not as frantic as some chat sessions, such as #ukedchat, but can generates some great discussions about both primary and secondary digital leaders.

You can ‘prime’ dicussions with a blogpost earlier in the week, or start a discussion  using google groups here if you like too.  I will always be around to support during #DLchat too, so you won’t be alone! There are many other regulars too.

If you are interested in hosting #DLchat, please let me know a date so that I can add to the calendar (at the moment it is not possible to share it so that you can add dates yourself). If you want to stick to a specific theme, I will add that to the calendar too, or give you sharing rights so that you can write it in yourself.

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