Dec 16

We Skyped Santa @RRIS

Chaffinch Class have been taking part in The Great Sleigh Mystery helping Santa to find his sleigh and today we skyped Santa in assembly to let him know that the sleigh was in Germany! The Digital Leaders were really pleased to help out and photograph the assembly.

We were all so excited!


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  1. Mrs Hastings

    Wow! Well done! It’s fantastic children all over the world have solved the mystery of the missing sleigh! I’m sure Santa is so grateful!

  2. Olusola

    Great support for Santa

  3. From_Mill_Rythe_Junior_school

    This looks really great. is it OK to use some of these ideas for our blog. http://mrjsblogs.co.uk/

  4. Mill Rythe Junior School digital leaders

    Hello im a digital leader at Mill Rythe Junior School and i was wondering what you do at your school for digital
    leaders please reply and tell me what you do Thank you :)

  5. Louise Stone

    Hello there Mill Rythe Junior School! RRIS have our own Digital Leader blog at


    why not have a look and see what we have been up to. If you are interested perhaps the DL’s can arrange to meet up over Skype?

    Mrs S

  6. Mill Rythe Junior School digital leaders

    Yes I would like to Skype call you when would be a convenient time to.

  7. Mill Rythe Junior School digital leaders

    Also what is Skype name

  8. Louise Stone

    Please can you get your teacher to leave a comment on our blog and we can arrange something soon.


    Mrs S

  9. Mill Rythe Junior School digital leaders

    Thank you we will

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