Mar 17

We’re off to the NEC @RRIS

We are so excited to say that we have been invited to make a presentation at The Education Show at Birmingham NEC on Friday 20th March.  12 of the Digital Leaders and their parents will be coming along and we can’t wait to tell everyone about what we do!  Not all the Digital Leaders are able to come so they made a little video for everyone at the show to see.  Check back here soon to find out how we got on.

NEC Filmwww.rrisdigitalleaders.primaryblogger.co.uk



  1. Miss BB

    I am so impressed with you – you really are marvellous digital leaders. I have very much enjoyed reading about all the exciting things that you have been doing. You are super role models to digital leaders everywhere. Keep up the good work!

  2. Louise Stone

    Thank you so much, we are so excited and can’t wait to report back on our day.

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