May 19

World scratch day in Cambridge

Every year we celebrate scratch day on the 18th of May, that was when scratch was made.We celebrate it as Scratch’s birthday. On the 18th of of May 2013 scratch day was in Cambridge there were 2 classes there was an beginners class and an advanced class. Mr Abela was with the Beginners, while Mr Hastings was with the advanced group.

In the advanced group, we were making an arcade of scratch games. In the Beginners they were discovering what scratch could really do and learning how to code. We also had a presentation  by a special guest who was a professional at scratch, Josh! Just to show his skills he made a 2d Minecraft style game in Scratch.


Scratch Day East Group Photo

Thank you to everyone that came and thank you to Mr Abela and Mr Hastings for organising scratch day, and thank you to Carmella (aged 6) for setting up all the computers.

You can find all the resources and games at: https://sites.google.com/site/scratchdayeastresources/

Written by Maximus

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